About Us

Spiceor Bionutralites is a technology incubated facility established in the innovation zone of Government of Kerala, India at the Kinfra Hi-Tech Park, Kochi. We focus in the isolation of natural products from herbs and spices to be used in nutraceuticals and perfumes. Also, we research in the modifications of natural isolations which increase the bio-availability of the products.

Our Team

The company is established by a group of researchers and academicians in the Universities in Kerala. Academicians are the mentors and two Ph. D. holders are the directors of the company. Directors have immense experience in natural product isolation and its modification. One of them worked in the Kerala Government funded project, about the standardization of ayurvedic formulations. Also they have published many research papers in the international journals and made many presentations in both national and international symposiums.

The team works on the development of new protocols for effective isolation of essential oils and oleoresins as on customer’s demand.

Technology Used

The developments of suitable protocols for the extraction and fractionation of various medicinal plants and spices are the challenges. But it could be done easily with the active support of University academic community and eminent academics in the R & D institutions

Supercritical Fluid Extraction Technology is mainly used for the isolation of natural products from herbs and spices. Supercritical fluid extraction is a green extraction technology which uses supercritical carbon dioxide for extracting the ingredients form herbs and spices. In addition with Supercritical Fluid Extraction, normal steam distillation and solvent extraction is also used for the extraction of natural products.

We focus more on Supercritical Fluid Extraction due to the following reasons,

  • Low extraction temperature, the products obtained will maintain its originality.
  • No harmful solvents involved in extraction processing.
  • No heavy metals residues or pesticides in the extract.
  • Short separation time.
  • High extraction yield.
  • Easy to remove waste.
  • Energy efficiency of the process
  • Thermally cleavable compounds can be extracted with minimal damage as low temperatures can be employed for the extraction.